KJ Bump
KJ Bump

From humble beginnings growing up in North Georgia, KJ has spent much of his life feeling like he never measured up or was really good enough. He spent a large portion of his life working inside the church and trying to find his purpose. It wasn’t until he moved out to Arizona and began to search for the answer to why he was feeling so empty, that he discovered what was missing all along – true relationship with God. He set out on the journey to ask the world the question – What is Love? In doing so, he found purpose that was there from the beginning. KJ can finally say that he has a real relationship with God, one which empowers and motivates him to help this world awaken. He is continually working to be vulnerable and utilize the gifts he has been given to help others find the relationship that saved his life.

He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and adventures to all corners of the earth to help spread the message of hope. KJ loves filming, creating, and the continual battle to tell a good story. When he isn’t working to better himself through growing closer with his Savior, he can be found reading, driving all over the Valley, or engulfed in picking apart a movie while stuffing his face with popcorn.

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