Dani During
Dani During

Like most of us on this journey we call life, Dani has fought her way through the feelings of being unwanted, abused as a young child and suffered from the inability to love herself. Over the past several years, she has fought for the freedom to discover who she truly is at her core. She felt led to do a documentary that had her travel the entire world asking one question that everyone wants to know the answer to – What is Love? One failed relationship after another and years of growth and discovery, Dani finally feels that she is at a place of understanding the true meaning of Love and what a healthy relationship looks like. Through restoration of her personal life story, Dani can boldly say that she is a relationship expert. She is committed to being vulnerable with her story, to help others know they aren’t alone in this fight, and reveal to the world what the answer to true freedom is; Love.

She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona traveling to all parts of the world speaking and fighting for truth. Dani loves the thrill of building a deeper and more intimate relationship with Her Heavenly Father, Her friend Jesus and the guidance of The Holy Spirit “Henry”. Dani is a complete foodie and adventure seeker. When she isn’t traveling, she enjoys being active, listening to her music at absurd levels, spending time with those she loves and letting her childlike spirit fly.

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